In 1998, the Disability Awareness Workshop (DAW) program was developed out of a desire to teach the community, especially young children, how people who have a disability are affected on a daily basis by their challenges and differences. Since then, thousands of volunteers have supported the effort, making it possible for more than 220,000 participants to experience this fun and engaging hands-on learning opportunity.

The Disability Awareness Workshop program was originally designed for upper elementary students, but with a few adaptations, this program has been successfully used at middle schools, high schools, professional development and for community outreach.

Please contact DAW PAC with any questions.

Person with Crutches

DAW kits have ten hands-on activity stations. These include:

Learning Differences I and II,

Autism Spectrum Disorders,

Vision Impairment,

Learning About Braille,

Gross Motor Impairment,

Fine Motor Impairment,

Adaptive Equipment with a Wheelchair Course and Prosthetics,

Speech Impairment,

and Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Reading Braille


Working through the Rochester Community Schools (RCS) Foundation, public and private schools, businesses, churches, scouting troops, and community organizations are allowed the opportunity to rent the DAW kits for private use. PAC has three full DAW kits available at the RCS Foundation, which can be rented out at the cost of a standard fee that includes consultation, trainings and set-up depending on the location of the customer.


The RCS Foundation in collaboration with the RCS Special Education Parent Advisory Committee will provide this opportunity at a fee of:  

  • $250.00 for one day’s use. Actual time is approximately 3 calendar days.

  • $500.00 for a school district or large organization to use the kit for approximately 10 consecutive school days. We will consider adding more days based on kit availability.

To assist with the cost, we suggest that you offer your parent groups or local companies/organizations the opportunity to financially support this popular program as well as provide volunteers. 


In addition, please consider the Filippis Foundation’s Disability Awareness grant program.