Who can help me? 

The biggest question we get as PAC representatives is who can answer my questions? While you are always welcome to push the “talk to us” button on the RCS homepage or reach out directly to administrators, in an effort to keep things running smoothly, the following is the official process to address your questions and issues. 

Your first step is always your child’s teacher or resource teacher. (The one who handles the  IEP.) This is your case manager.


If you have exhausted this option, the next step is your school  principal. If that option has not worked out satisfactorily, your next step is to reach out to the  appropriate supervisor. The supervisors are as follows: 

Natashia B. Smith, Supervisor for Early Childhood and Elementary. Oversees all early childhood,  elementary special education services, resource and basic programs for CI, EI, and  SXI. Collaborates with Supervisor of Adult Transition Program Services and K-12 ASD on ASD  elementary students in basic programs. 

Tiffany Gauthier, Supervisor for Secondary Education. Oversees all middle school and high  school Special Education services this includes resource and basic programs for CI, EI, and SXI. Works in collaboration with the Supervisor of Adult Transition Program Services on ASD middle  school and high school basic programs.

Genet Haise, Supervisor of Adult Transition Program Services and K-12 ASD basic programming. Oversees ATPS program and K-12 ASD basic programs. Collaborates with Supervisor of  Secondary Special Education for secondary ASD rooms and Supervisor for Birth to Elementary for elementary ASD rooms. 

If the supervisor is unable to resolve your issue, your next step is Concetta Lewis, Executive Director for Special Education. Oversees all Special Education services. Or Susan Demeniuk, 504 Coordinator. Oversees all 504 plans.  

If by this point your issue has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, your next step would  be appropriate cabinet members and finally, Dr. Robert Shaner, Superintendent for RCS.  Contact information for Dr. Shaner and the Cabinet Members can be found below:

Most importantly, don’t forget us! Reach out to your school’s PAC representative for guidance and support.

You are why we are here!