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Who can help me? 

The most common question we get as PAC representatives is who can answer my questions? While you are always welcome to push the “talk to us” button on the RCS homepage or reach out directly to administrators, in an effort to keep things running smoothly, the following is the official process to address your questions and issues. 

If your child is not currently receiving special education services and you suspect a disability is impacting their ability to succeed at school, we encourage you to reach out to your principal and request a special education evaluation. You can learn more about the initial evaluation process by visiting Michigan Alliance for Families, Michigan's federal and state funded resource center that provides families with mentoring and resources to help improve their children’s education.

If your child has an IEP, the first step is to reach out to your child’s teacher or resource teacher who handles the IEP--this is sometimes referred to as the IEP case manager. If your child has a 504 Plan, then you should reach out to their plan coordinator. 


If you have exhausted this option, the next step is your school  principal. If that option has not worked out satisfactorily, your next step is to reach out to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisors are as follows: 

Natashia B. Smith, Supervisor for Early Childhood and Elementary. Oversees all early childhood, elementary special education services, resource and basic programs. Provides ancillary service support for Speech Language Pathology. 

Tiffany Gauthier, Supervisor for Secondary Education. Oversees all middle school and high  school Special Education services this includes resource and basic programs. Provides ancillary service support for Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. 

Genet Haise, Supervisor of Adult Transition Program Services and K-12 ASD basic programming. Oversees ATPS program. Provides ancillary service support for Social Work. 

If the supervisor is unable to resolve your issue, your next step is Anne Evans, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Special Populations.  

If by this point your issue has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, your next step would  be appropriate cabinet members and finally, Mr John Silveri, Interim Superintendent for RCS.  To contact the following please click here.

  • John Silveri, Interim Superintendent

  • Debi Fragomeni, Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

  • Cory Heitsch, Assistant Superintendent of Early Childhood and Elementary Education (TK-5)

  • Matt McDaniel, Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations and FOIA Coordinator

  • Dave Murphy, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

  • Dr. Neil DeLuca, Executive Director of Secondary Education

  • Lori Grein, Executive Director of Strategic Communications

  • Christina Whitmore, Executive Administrator for Office of the Superintendent

  • Anne Evans, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Special Populations

Most importantly, don’t forget us! Click here and reach out or reach out to your school’s PAC representative for guidance and support.

You are why we are here!

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