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Often as a parent of a child with special needs, we can feel alone and don’t know where to look for help. We start googling and aren’t sure that what we see is going to work out for our family's needs. The RCS PAC continually collects and shares resources that have helped us. Here are some resources which we have found helpful in advocating for our children. We hope they make this sometimes daunting task a little less chaotic for you too.

Life Safe Academy

Live Safe Academy, LLC is an approved Criminal Justice Training Provider by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.  Our experienced, dedicated staff consists of law enforcement officers, attorneys, military personnel, registered nurses, and professional educators and trainers. We specialize in real-world training that saves lives, including first aid, assault and crime prevention, unarmed self-defense and the use of personal protection devices.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office Special Needs Alert Form

The form will be flagged to alert responding police and fire to the special needs information you provided.

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