committed to the cause



Mom to three children who are at Hart, North Hill and Delta Kelly.

Ask me about: Down syndrome, Deafness, OCD, CRMO


Don’t ask me about: How to get your kids to eat more vegetables.

Vice Chair of Membership

Mom to two children at Hugger.


Ask me about: ADHD, Anxiety, The Other Health Impairment (OHI) certification. 


Communications Chair

Mom to one child at Delta Kelly and one child in ECSE.

Ask me about: Apraxia, Bleeding Disorders, Hearing Loss


Recording Secretary

Mom to three children- two that graduated from Rochester High and one at Delta Kelly.


Ask me about: SXI, Children's Waiver, Navigating the world with a wheelchair.


Vice Chair for Adult


Mom to one child at Meadow Brook and a high schooler in private school.


Ask me about: Autism, Apraxia


Don't ask me about: how to keep your house organized!

Budget Liaison 

Mom to two children who are at McGregor and Meadow Brook.


Ask me about: Autism, ABA Therapy, Private Insurance

Supervisor for Early Childhood & Elementary

504 Coordinator

Supervisor for Secondary Education

RCS Executive Director of Special Education

Supervisor for Post-Secondary & Basic Programs